November 12, 2010

Code Red Robotics Mock Kick-off event

Code Red Robotics is hosting a Mock Kick-off event December 11.  There is still time to sign up!

We like to use this to get veteran team members excited all while allowing new members of the FIRST family a peek at what to expect.

We are planning on mixing up all different experience levels so the people who are new to FIRST can work side by side with the people who are familiar with how kick off events go, so if your entire team cannot make it send the ones who can.

Reminder: if you have not registered and plan on coming to this event please give us a rough head count so we can plan on seating and snacks.

We need a final head count this week so if you are attending please let us know ASAP!!

Click here to see our flyer.

We will present a game, then breakout into small groups for some hands-on:
Game Analysis
Game-Winning Strategies
Problem Solving
Focused, Creative Thought
Robot Designing
Idea Presentation

For all team members, coaches and mentors!

Thank you
Code Red Mock kickoff Planning Committee