January 18, 2011

LabVIEW Seminar

Greetings from West Michigan,

On January 29th we will hold a seminar on LabVIEW.

The seminar will be held at

Grand Valley State University
Keller Engineering Lab Building room 124
301 W. Fulton St.,
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6495

Free parking available in the Mt. Vernon lot.

Doors will open at 9:00am with presentation from 9:30-12:30 pm.

A representative from National Instruments will be on hand help teams with any questions about LabVIEW. Please bring your laptops with you with LabVIEW loaded. This will be an interactive programming session. If you have you program started and run into any issues, he will help you work thru them.

Below is what will be covered in the seminar.

LabVIEW Programming Basics
       --Controls Indicators
       --Case Structures

        (If Participants bring their laptops they would make a wheel slip detection program for the above)

Communicating with the Robot Controller
       --Hardware overview
       --Software overview

LabVIEW Robot Framework Overview
       --How to program sensors and motors
       --How the Framework works
       --Teleop Enabled
       --Autonomous Independent
       --Additional Sensors

Dashboard Programming
       --if necessary

Seating is limited to 70 so please email to Ken.platteschorre@haworth.com with the following;

What is your team number?
How many people from your team will attend?

Thank You.

Ken Platteschorre
West Michigan FIRST