April 10, 2011

Videos and photos of Ann Arbor/Livonia district event from Team 3655

Our Mason "Tractor Technicians" team was new at this. We have some random of the qualifying, along with all the quarter, semi, and finals matches posted at the www.YouTube.com/HandyRacing web site and the photo albums are posted at the Handy Racing Facebook page.

Our idea is for the footage to be used for scrutiny and design improvement ideas for next year's Mason team (as well as just plain entertainment value).
I'm pleased to use the HandyRacing page(s) to help indirectly promote FIRST too.

We also have some qualifying video and photos from Ann Arbor, along with Mr. Kamen's welcome speech to the students.

On behalf of the Mason team, if any of the teams present in Ann Arbor / Livonia would like copies of the videos or photos that may have included their teams, I would be happy to make the files available at no charge.
Best Regards,

Glenn Remington