January 2, 2012

Two Workshops hosted by Team 2337

In order to help Teams get their season off to a good start, Team 2337 is hosting two workshops the day after Kickoff.

The first will be a "Strategy Dictates Design" workshop that will help teams come up with a resource-based strategy for their Robot, and the second is a Kit of Parts Chassis Build Hands-On workshop, where teams will build a fully-fuctional KoP Chassis (complete with Electronics, Default Code, and Drivers' Station) using their 2012 KoP, all in three hours.

All Michigan FRC teams are invited.  Workshop schedule, location info and an online RSVP can be found here:

Teams must RSVP by Wednesday, January 4.

Please contact Brandi Bolinger with any questions.,
Brandi Bolinger

Cell: 248.249.1983